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Rx Inventory Collaboration
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Connected Inventory Management

Inventory collaboration service, with Micro-fulfillment, to alleviate drug shortages and reduce drug waste

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Boost Pharmacy Sales

Become instantly more profitable and get discovered by listing selected in-stock inventory online with InStockRx

Rx Exchange & Marketplace

Facilitates secure and compliant transactions between pharmacies, including transfer of funds.

Returns and Transfers

Recommends returns and transfer of dead or overstocked medications

Reorder Points

Set minimum and maximum balance on-hand (BOH) quantities

Generic Equivalents

Pinpoints high-margin generic equivalents and comparisons with name-brand drugs

Invite peers and build your pharmacy network

Made by Pharmacists For Pharmacists

Hospitals, doctors, and consumers need a way to search and acquire affordable on-hand medications. Pharmacies need a way to communicate with each other, aggregate data, manage inventories, increase sales, and improve patient care.

InStockRx breaks down the silos between pharmacies by centralizing on-hand Rx data and providing a unified interface to search and acquire vital and affordable medications, helping reduce waste and streamline communication between stores.

Dr. Alex Toth, RPh - Pharmacy chain owner + Co-Founder, InStockRx Inc.

3 simple & easy steps to register.

Step 1: Pharmacy Registration

Register online or call (888) 904 4255 for guided registration M-F 9 am-5 PM EST

Step 2: E-sign Registration

E-sign a standard supplier application

Step 3: Email DEA and state pharmacy license

Only federal and state-licensed facilities can become members of InStockRx

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Member Benefits

InStockRx is an all-in-one platform designed by pharmacists for pharmacists to unify data while proactively managing Inventory bringing the power of real-time situational awareness in a health system pharmacy-focused workflow.

Real-time pharmacy inventory management across multiple member locations by providing communication channels and access to member inventories.

This allows member pharmacies to search each other's inventory between member stores, provide referrals, and balance inventory between each other via Trusted Pharmacy Network.

As pharmacists, we understand your challenges, stresses, and workflows.

InStockRx provides better insight and use trends from thousands of independent pharmacies in targeted geographic areas so pharmacies can spot increased drug demand or identify drug shortages.

Be part of a new approach to pharmacy automation that’s grounded in real-world workflows.


Question & Answer

Improves liquidity
Maximize number of inventory turnovers per month
Accelerates profits
Raises customer service levels

Historical dispensing data collected though your pharmacy management system and wholesalers is the foundation of your raw data. Real time trend analysis reports lets you know where to fine-tune and take the guess work out of managing your inventory

Your InStockRx landing page is accessible on multiple devices, ensuring that you can access your inventory anytime, anywhere.

Apple and Android Devices

Our B2B/B2C pharma data integration platform breaks down the silos between pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, and consumers by centralizing on-hand Rx data and providing a unified interface to search and acquire vital and affordable medications.

Independent Local Pharmacies and Chains
Hospitals and Urgent Care
Long-term Care Facilities
Veterinary Clinics
Consumers searching for affordable meds

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InStockRx solves pharmacies' largest challenges while providing doctors, hospitals, and nursing facilities unified interface to search and acquire vital medication for the patients who need it most.

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